Monday, July 28, 2008

The show

Here are some snaps of the show a few weeks ago. I am not sure but i think the gallery will be open this friday night...?

Image captions in order from L to R
1. Me and Jendar
2. People pretending to be interested at what they are looking at
3. Ash and Brandon (congrats kids)
4. The Browns
5. The mom
6. Ryan was awesome to come play DJ even though he was having a poop day
7. Rob being Rob
8. Sarah, Aldalie, Jessica, Jessica and Natalie (the second jessica is only the size of a jelly bean at the moment
9. This is me after the show, grumpy, tired and obviously enjoying a yummy shake

1 comment:

LeeRae said...

Oh Jess I'm sad that I couldn't be there~ When I go back to US you have to show me your awsome works~