Monday, September 15, 2008

I taught Jimmy how to flex so he could show off his Batman tattoo,

The many expressions of Jimmy
believe it or not but lil' Jim had made all of these faces while watching cars pass by the
window, every time he saw a car pass he would
scream "CARRO". I wish I was as excited about simple things as he is.

This weekend was too short.


Kayti said...

pretty sure your nephew needs to be a model. he is seriously so darling! you are a lucky auntie.

ps. when are we going to meet the man friend?

Anonymous said...

I agree he is beautiful and when do we meet the man friend????
Love Daddy

Abby Rose said...


naomi said...

bahhhhhhhhh! that kid is cute!

Jendar said...

ive already mentioned this before. like probably 100 times, but i seriously want my child to look like jimmy. he is just too adorable.