Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been a busy day.

Aaron is a stud and I like markers now. I decided to switch it up a bit. What do ya think?

Did a little shoot in the park

Why is Natalie so beautiful?

I am tired
but it's the good kind of tired.
Hope all is well with you
Happy Halloween



Kat Clark said...


Abby Rose said...

My favorite is the one with the beard.
Happy Halloween!!

Breanne King said...

yeah and why is my cousin landon such a stud?

Anonymous said...

that boy has a lot of moles and funny facial hair. and fuzzy hair. so great though.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Your Talents are amazing.
With all my love,

Kayti said...

how do you make him look so good . . . oh thats right, he already looks SO good. i love all of your creative ideas jess, you are so talented.

Dan & Stephanie said...

Natalie is such a beaut - damn her! j/k

So glad to check out your blog at last! Sorry to hear about the job but now you can be open to exploring the next level of your goals! You are so talented I have no doubt you will make it happen!

Our blog is not nearly so exciting, but it is

Steph Dunn