Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't feel like a photographer.
I was surfing the web peering into peoples lives (blogs) and I found this beautiful work by a 20 year old girl in LA, I saw in her work what I wanted from myself. I was jealous.
I don't feel like a photographer. Maybe it's from an emotionally challenging week and being scared to pick up a camera because of being told I am mediocre. Mediocre isn't a word I like being associated with something I have been working so hard on.
I need an artist date, to just go shoot, raw and naked, no censorship no rules.

Anyway, I have meant to post these images from a show I had ages ago. It was unsuccessful but worth the time I put into it. I have enormous prints at my place if anyone wants to buy em.


MegRuth said...

Wow. I don't know who is telling you you are mediocre but I'm pretty sure that they're high as a kite.

I love these images. What are the going rates?

Emily Jeanne said...

Jess, you are so far from mediocre! Every time I look at your blog I am blown away and impressed and inspired by your vision and your beautiful art that you put out the world! I miss you dearly and I enjoy reading your blog for the fact the you actually write about stuff that is meaningful and REAL and that you photograph is the same way. You have an honesty about your work and it speaks volumes of emotion and beauty. Don't EVER forget how great and talented and an overall just a sweet person.

kelli said...

Whoever told you that you were a mediocre photographer is just jealous! I have been looking at your blog every once in a while and I thought I would finally comment. I love the ones with the chalk backgrounds! Genius!