Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I write down lists"

These are some images I like. Just wanted to share them with ya.

I used to write down lists. Lists of random topics from favorites to fears. I want to start writing down lists again. Maybe not here but in my books.
Well, just one for here.

Since I am listing to music I will write down a little list of music.

Most played on my iTunes play list.
1. How will you love me
2. Counting up your bones
3. Why don't you stay home
4. I come after you
5. Our day trip
All from Nina Nastasia. I won't say how many times they have played cause it's kind of embarrassing.

Of the top 10 artist played, 8 are female and then there is Elliot Smith and The Decemberists.



{ charlotte } said...

jess, i can't tell you how amazing your photography is. it's so unbelievable!

Amy said...

Whose baby is that? seriously so adorable! you never called me back last night, by the way. I was at mutual when you called and couldn't answer.

Susie said...

beautiful photographs. Especially the girl in the white tank at the bottom!!!! Hey how are you since the job loss? I was very surprised to read about it in your blog! You are welcome over any time.