Sunday, March 8, 2009

This week: Los Angeles

Friday I flew to Los Angeles to photograph a wedding.  I have found that Southern CA has become a magic place to me once again.  The time away from it has made me see it with fresher eyes. 

Staying at my brothers house.  I have been sleeping on the top bunk in the kids room.  The first morning being here woke up to Oliver reading a book in a quiet whisper then I fell back asleep.  Awhile later I here him say to Abby while she was still asleep in her crib, "Abby, do you see Jessica?  I love her so much."  After he said that I had to get up and hang out with the kids.  I took some photos of them that morning while we played hungry hippo and blocks.  I saw the book on the floor that Oliver had been reading and I asked Oliver to read it to me, he said "but Jessica, I already read it to you while you were sleeping." 
I thought that was beautiful.  

Oliver with Panda, my dad brought this to the hospital the day Oliver was born and he has been in love with it since.


Kat Clark said...

These are beautiful pictures. You have the sweetest nephews in the world! (and of course neice too)

Kimmy said...

I'm thinking of moving there this summer. My sis Jen and her husband are going out there to school and I might tag along. I have to get out of 'tah.

emily jeanne said...

I love it down here too! Hey if you are still in town and want to meet for lunch call me! I would love to see a familiar faces! I love your pics and I love your thoughts!

saraH said...

I love these pictures, you are so good at what you do! i miss u