Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why is it that most people buy jeans with holes and fake dirt already included but it would be socially unacceptable for me to wear my favorite t-shirt because it has some holes in it?

The only reason I ask is because the shirt I am wearing has holes, it's my favorite, it's 3 years old so I know I can't buy another one.  Moments ago I i cut my finger and got some red on it.  I sat looking at the shirt trying to decide if it is done with or if I could pull it off like the Olsen twins do.  


Alisha said...

wear it. i have a sweater that is seriously 10 years old, and i wear it all the time. no holes, but who cares. seriously.

Kory said...

I say if you like it, wear it. And you really shouldn't base what you will and won't do off of what the Olsen twins do.