Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sun in my hair

I have been obsessed with the blossoms if you haven't noticed.  

D offered to take the camera from my hands while I was trying to get a nice sunburst to blast through my hair and she took these photos of me below.  I will admit, I hate getting my photos taken, I get awkward, fidgety, and I end up making the most horrible faces but I kinda like these ones... I think it is because I thought she was trying to take close-ups of my hair like I had asked.  Thanks D.  

This last one is my favorite. 


LeeRae said...

Jess you are so beautiful!!!
I'm going to Utah for Rachel's wedding in June...
I hope I get to see you then~

Kimmy said...

I LOVED seeing you today! And I just LOVE these photoz. They are so true to how the light in your eyes shines! Stunning.

ps. I'm stealing that shirt...I covet it.
pss. I'm taking one of these photoz to put in place of the pic I posted of you on my blog. Because it's current and shows your beautiful hair color!