Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's a Joni Mitchell day.  Snowy nights and cloudy afternoons call for Joni's Blue album.  
The yard had some new blossoms this morning.  Sometimes if you look close enough at things they become a bit more magnificent.  Lunch with mom, she ate coconut korma I had tikka masala, we talked.  I usually talk a lot with her because she can be quiet, I feel bad because I go on and on as if she had slipped me speed, but most times I am with people who do all the talking and I listen, it's nice to talk sometimes.  Mom will listen for a while but she knows when my words are just words and will switch the internal channel to a worry or a rerun of the last Fox News rant.  I love her. 

Locked myself out of the house.
Drove to Natalie's work to grab her keys.
Camera was conveniently in the passenger seat.
Stuck in traffic: this was me making lemonade out of lemons.


Whitney said...

Your lemonade is beautiful. I love every one of these photos.

Jill said...

These are beautiful...I'm in awe over the rain/water shots. Love it. (Keep it up; you're amazing.)

wayne said...

thanks for recommending joni mitchell.

Laura said...

Ooo....I seriously love reading your blog every day. Remember when you gave me your blog address at a RS function? I'm so glad you did. It makes my day. Every day.

You're wonderful.

Kimmy said...

I want to buy these photos, especially the first ones at the top. Put them up for sale and I will buy!!! I'm serious.