Monday, April 6, 2009

I had lunch with sarah and Brea today, we were talking about where we were at this time last year.  I really had a good year full of all kinds of good times.

There is max as a puppy

Last years b-day (sorry 25, you didn't make the "good times" cut, bronchitis and tears just didn't do it for me)  we had a mustache party which was one of my favorite nights.

Frequent road trips to LA 

Random parties and Tracy
My old job was a great blessing for me.  I was able to learn a lot, met some great people and had some amazing times.  Moab shoot.

Hawaii shoot with RB, (thanks to rancid navaho taco's I was  able to slim down before the trip... only kidding, it was horrible)


Sarah said...

oh we look soooo babylish on the Hawaii shot...gimme those photos already!

Diana said...

Oh the good old days. Sometime in our lives we will live closer than 12 hours from each other again and the fun will continue.