Friday, May 22, 2009

and me

Fashion has never been of much importance

Growing up with three older brothers... I wanted to be tweety bird and Jimmy makes me into a Zombie Tweety bird without my knowledge... I still love you jimmy.

And I cursed myself at a very young age... if I only knew. ( i am even funny as a 4 year old)

I had to share this. Check out my belly, it's really sad but not much has changed with me. I still like to eat like there is no tomorrow.


Kat Clark said...

I love these pictures! I think I have seen some of them before. You do not have a belly you silly girl. I really hope I get to see you this week. Keep me posted. I want you to meet my new little doll!

Kiera said...

I am dying!! That tweety costume is HILARIOUS! and those boobs?!! Are you kidding me? Too damn funny!

Jon and Diana Browning said...

ha ha! that's awesome!

Brea Runyan said...

haha you crack me up jess!

wayne said...

dude, i love old pictures! and these look like some serious 'classics.' i'm going round some up and fire up the scanner right now!

you rock.

Laura Marie said...

Aww....I love these!