Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Million Billion Pictures

Ummm.... Maybe I am bias but I must have the cutest nephew and niece. 

 The best hair on the planet

This one kills me it's so beautiful. 

Oliver makes a fire and is sad that it wont light up... maybe next time ?

Oliver's treasures 

Abby gives Hill her flower

These are rad... They wanted in so bad. Once again I can't help but think of my brother T and me as kids when I am around these two.  

Tonight Oliver snuggled up to me before he went to bed and he said,  "Jess, why are you leaving tomorrow?"  I told him that I had to go back home to take of things, then he said, " but Jessica I love you so much."   

Oh how I will miss them. 

Dear Lord, Please send me a jet so I can be everywhere at once.


Sheila said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful children! Thanks for sharing!

Kimmy said...

I will complement you on your gifts all your day'z. ;) Love these!
Oliver reminds me of a miny Travis. I think that's what his little boy will look like. :)

Sarah said...

soooo freaking adorable. Love the one of Oliver on the tree.

Jon and Diana Browning said...

wow that really is some hair! they are beautiful! I think you are biased though because I have the cuttest niece. He he he he

Tom and B said...

You do have a very cute niece and nephew! Beautiful pictures jess!

Kat Clark said...

Wowza these are awesome! I can't believe how big and even more beautiful Abby is getting. Some of the ones of Oliver totally remind me of Travis for some reason.

Rachel Mae said...

These kids really are amazingly cute. I can't believe the ahir.

Rachel Mae said...

hair, that is.

Kory said...

You must have strong genes because all of your family looks like Travis to me.