Monday, June 15, 2009

Posting in words

I feel like I need to do some internet venting... something I have shied away from for a while, mostly because I don't know everyone who reads this, or maybe because I know some of the few that do but oh well.
It is a Sunday night/Monday morning. I am sitting in Boy's basement using his laptop while he is playing some shoot-em-up game on the xbox (lame... if it's not Tetris I don't even bother with it).
I had a good Sunday, I slept past my church meetings I went to my childhood ward (church), I saw girls that are much younger than I am with there husbands and babies and for a moment felt insecure that I was there by myself when realized I am grateful to be at the stage I am in and how I am in it... that felt nice to be accepting of self (something I should do more often).
After church Max and I went to the park, I threw the orange frisbee (how do you spell frisbee? computer is giving me the red dotted line) and max retrieved it, this was repeated for about 20 minutes and went home, Max loves to frisbee, I love Max.
I cooked. I have found that I really enjoy cooking. For a long time I avoided cooking, not sure why but I did, but now I love to cook. I love chopping and the colors melt into eachother, the different smells of each ingredient, the time that is spent for something so fullfilling in the end and most of all I love to enjoy it with my friends... poor Claire has become my test- monkey on my frankenstien meals... thanks Claire.
Dinner tonight was yum, I made this awesome avocado and rice salad and chicken enchiladas. Boy and I laid on the couch with big tummies and talked to eachothers faces and maybe kissed them. I like the boy, I find him sweet and I like the way looks me in the eyes when we talk.

I really liked today.

It was had just the right amount of everything I needed.


Anonymous said...

SO who is BOY ?

Hillary said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day and that you had a little bit of everything that you needed. Also, I wish that blogging offered food samples because your avocado/rice dish sounds delish.

Amy said...

mush mush mush! and you get mad at me for my cheesy lines?! jk love you and am glad you had a good day!

Michelle Loves Danger said...

things are good! i'm happy. i blogged about you!

i'm glad you are happy and healthy and well.