Thursday, July 30, 2009

100 dollars for 100 memories... Sound like a deal?

I decided to start randomly posting photo deals on my blog.  This will be the first of many.

So, be one of the first 10 people to email me and be one of the 10 people to get this awesome deal.

I will be doing 10 photo shoots for $100.00.  

 This will include:
 A one hour photo shoot with me
 A disk of the images color worked to perfection
 1   8 x 10 print 
 4  4x6  prints

* for more than a 15 mile commute there will be a charge (from Provo/orem Ut area... sorry)

The photo shoot can be used for:

A baby
Your kids
An Engagement
A gift for someone else
Of your mom
Of your dog
Of you 

Whatever your heart doth desire!  

So email me and and if you are one of the first 10 to email me I will contact you to set up a time and place.




-Kelby. said...

wooo!! party!

Amy said...

I think that is a SMASHING great deal, and you are so talented people would be fools not to hire you...

Salime said...

great idea Jess. I wished you lived nearby and I would hire you.

Sarah said...

So I take it LA is too far??

April HelleDickson said...

Yea! This is going to be so great!

Kat Clark said...

Dadgumit! You butt! You know I want you to take pictures of my family and I can't afford you!!!! AHHH! Not only is this the best deal of a lifetime, it's impossible because you live in stupid Utah and I live in stupid Tucson. I am really actually mad. This is so frustrating!!

becky said...

are you still full???!!! i would love one!

becky said... me (