Monday, July 27, 2009

Can you spot the real Jessica

Holy Cow.
What da Hell.
3 of these are not me. Can you spot the real me. Loveland just told me I have a twin. I do. Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible.
Ah. Strange.


Lindsay said...

WOW. CRAZY!!! she does look a lot like you. So good seeing you on Sunday.

Brea Runyan Sorrells said...

weird. I bet she's not as cool as you though.

jaY said...

thats kinda creepy...if u didnt say 3 weren't u, i woulda never known!

Kelly E. said...

Hmm maybe its the glasses, but I don't think she looks like you. I see similarities but you are unique. I never seen anyone who looks like you except from their hair at times. Although people used to confuse us and we don't look anything alike hehe.