Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 12: Apples and Fondue

Claire and joined a group of people that were headed upstate to an apple orchard to pick Apples.  It was pretty great, we walked around plucking a variety apples from their trees and tasting each kind, we found the tastiest to be Empire apples.  

I think these are the Empire Apples we eating here

And of course... picture time

After fighting with Claire about having pictures of me taken she wins...
I really, really hate having my picture taken... These aren't that bad though! Thanks Claire.

 and enough about that.

Fondue time! We went to a place on 7th called Bourgeois Pig. It was fantastic. 

This is Naomi taking a picture of the food with her polaroid camera... gotta love photographers! PS Naomi has a great blog (I am sure you all know of it) but if not check it out here.

Free Hugs!  I passed but Claire went for it. 

Another great evening.


Jendar said...

cannot wait to see you.

beatrice said...

Hallo! I dearly love photography (and your darling yellow couch in the packing photos!) and am still trying to figure the ins and outs of my camera... so, question time! what iso/white balance/shutter speed do you like to use for pictures like these, or in general? The golden tint of the first set is lovely, I have trouble fighting off blueish photos... it may be the light quality here where I live, but surely there's a way to fight back! I do hope you can help, your pictures are a delight!

Claire -

Mandee lost her individuality. said...

you're crazy - you're so photogenic! You should love having your picture taken because you're gorgeous.

Fish Nat!on said...

why do you have to torture me by posting the most beautiful pictures of claire ever, when i am 3000 miles away? common. you are killing me over here.

stop being such a good photographer and take some crap already.