Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2: I flew 700 miles to babysit

And I don't mind at all.  


awaken by two kids screaming my name and small toys being thrown at my head
drank Diet Coke for breakfast 
Made a hundred emails and I'm sure they all went straight to a junk mail folder
H&M, bought a red skirt
Watched Abby and Oliver become photographers
mopped up spilt apple juice
bargained with cookies  
decided I don't think I want any children of my own
made up at least 20 stories that started with "Once upon a time" 
read story books before bedtime
Oliver asks me not to go tomorrow because he loves me "so much"
decided kids aren't that scary

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Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Oh my goodness... That curly hair is to die for! Very cute photos.

p.s. Rent "Spellbound" it's a documentary about the national spelling bee and it follows like 7 kids throughout it. It's corky and strange and hilarious...