Thursday, September 3, 2009


I watched the movie Gigantic last night.  I liked it but I am confused... If anyone has seen it and understands Zach Galifianakis' role (the homeless dude), please email me your thoughts.

I still recommend it.


MegRuth said...

As far as I could figure out he was a figment of his imagination. A la Fight Club.

It just seems like his psychosis translates into scary man attacking him.

I thought it was interesting enough. I liked the idea that John Goodman could be Zoey's dad.

Lewis and Clark Experience said...

Why didn't we talk about this. I wanted to see that movie so bad and then i did and thought it was so dumb. The homeless guy is imaginary friend that torments him. He finally defeats him and then he's gone and there's blood? I can understand how some things feel real when you are in an alternate state but...anyways. over it. done. yadda yadda yoo!

Alisha said...

so haven't seen it, i was catching up on the blogs, and i read like 13 of your posts. love them all. you're amazingly talented, and your thoughts are uplifting.

lindsey said...

yeah, this movie confused me too...the weirdo homeless man, adopting a chinese baby at the end...but I agree, I think he was in his imagination and finally warded him off to clear his head for good.