Friday, September 25, 2009

While at Dessert

Nate gave me the idea to draw everyone without looking the the paper or lifting the pen. 
So I did it.
Casey and Jendar

Becca and Nate

Lee and Claire

Becca and Casey draw me

Becca and Lee conversing 

Can you match the drawings with the faces from the image above?


cara. said...

totally did this. . . we attempted to be really scientific about the whole thing:

but now you've got me jonesing to do it again (:

Sarah said...

love doing that. it's usually in sacrament meeting of brock, or the person in front of me. come home now i miss you!

MTDA said...

I love blind contours.

Very cool.

naomi megan. said...

this is so cool! you are talented lady. mine would be scribbles. now i wanna try...