Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Booth at the Bridal Fair

Last Saturday I had a booth at a local Bridal Fair.  

For some I thought it would be a good idea to make personalized handouts for people to remember me by.  I made glass magnets with my images inside.  They were the coolest but it took me a long time to do them (I still have some if you want one).

They are so cute and tiny.

Here is the booth.  It was a little kitschy but oh well, it was me so I'm proud. 
I made that sweet chalkboard in the back too. 

These are the magnets in little packages

some of the cards. 

Hire me.


Emily said...

Cool! I love the magnets, what a great idea. I hope it was a success!

Capree said...

Hope the bridal show went well! I love your idea for the magnets - your imagery works so well with them! As for hiring you, if I had known you when I got married I would have hired you in a heart beat. No, HALF a heart beat. :)

I still have my dress, maybe we can do "pretend" photos. haha

wayne said...

those magnets are genius. great booth. you're always the first photographer on the tip of my tongue when i talk with ppl. i hope to send them your way.

Claire Valene Bagley said...

You win.

I'm going to hire you to take photos of me sleeping.


Is this weird?

But really... you're hired.

Kelly E. said...

Awe. That's so great. I hope it gets you more jobs. Can't wait to be added to your portfolio.

Also, how/where did you make those magnets. That's an awesome idea. Maybe we could do it with our wedding photos as gifts or something.

And lastly, is the shirt you are wearing from H&M. If so I totally have it.

Miss you, luv.

Jon and Diana Browning said...

I want one

lindsey said...

I love love love the boston terrier! I will swap something with you for it! Let me know! Love your work!

Aaron + Kayti said...

i wanna buy all of those buttons from you - let me know when you can hook a sister up!

Amy said...

I so so so wanted to come to your fair, but couldn't get the car. Both our cars were in the shop that day. :( anyway I would love to have a magnet or too with your images on them. What a cute way to advertise! Love it!

Hillary said...

If you have a leftover one, save it for my Christmas stocking :) They're so cool.

Nicole McArthur said...

Your magnets are the coolest! And I am considering moving to Utah just so that I can hire you... well, not really move but I would totally travel there just so you can take my picture :)
You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Booth and GR8 give away... Wonderful Christmas Gift
Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

I would like a magnet please~ I am obsessed with any work you do jessica. I'll for sure represent and spread the word. continuously ;) and I see our picture at your booth. whoop whoop!