Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dogs and babies are the best.

I am blessed to live around the corner from some of my favorite people.  I pretend like I am part of their family and they are kind enough to humor me.
Chloe and Sadie, way too cute.  Their friendship is so sweet.


Tanner + his girls said...

what the heck! when did you take these sweet pictures!? you captured their loving friendship perfectly!

p.s. i think you and i both know it's you that humors us, especially after gardner village hee hee ha wink wink

april said...

hey there!
wish you lived in so. cal! I'd love to see what you could do!

Kory said...

That looks a lot like my dog. That's how I hope Axel and Celeste will be.

JimCannon said...

Is that Max's Grandpa?