Monday, October 5, 2009

It's been too long.

I have taken a break from the Internet for a while, I guess I burnt myself out.  But I am back! 

I have been in Utah for the past week and it's been a really good week.  I have left my camera in its bag this entire week but now I think it's time to wake it up. 

I am happy right now.

Reasons for this happiness:
-It is Autumn, the ground is still wet from this mornings rain. 
-my phone keeps sending me texts from someone I like hearing from
-I have resurrected my favorite candle (not sure the scent but I got it from Urban) Yum!
-I have been sleeping in my own bed
-I have had Camera Obscura playing constantly in the background of my life

Yep... That's it.


Amy said...

we are still waiting for you to grace us with your presence one of these days...

Crowdeflatr said...

what? no mention of me being in town?

lindsey said...

i love camera obscura too! :)

i'm jefra... said...

k -- i can tell. now's the time to call. next week. can't wait to chat!