Thursday, November 26, 2009

The day before Thanksgiving day

Yesterday was busy, I photographed the entire day but unfortunately I can't post the images. But I have all of these to share!!! I downloaded my new favorite app on my iphone, shake it. So great, it takes imitation polaroid pictures on your phone, great for me because I get insta-cool photos without spending hundreds of dollars... Sorry Polaroid, I just can justify 3 dollars a shot, but if you bring the prices back down to normal I promise to delete the iphone app...(maybe).

So, I am in San Juan Capistrano for the holiday.
I'm under the weather at the moment but hopefully my body is playing a trick on me and I wake tomorrow healthy and happy.

What I did today:

bathroom tile...

some feet, maybe mine

the pool, its warm like a bathtub

drive to the beach

windows are down

best moment of the day

or maybe this was

my knees and the sun

water and salt


the first time I have ever viewed seaweed as beautiful

evening games with the brothers

the monopoly game, I lost.


Angela said...

i love it jess! happy thanksgiving!

Sum said...

Which iPhone app is this? I've seen these type of Polaroid camera shots on other blogs. I agree, Polaroid is really expensive. I really like the Fuji Instant Camera, but that's quite pricy, too. One of these days I'll have to invest in one. I like these photos! I thought it was cute...the one with the shoe. I wouldn't have thought of taking a photo like that. Reminds me of the De Stilj movement, but in photo medium. And the pictures of the beach are making me so jealous right now.

Kat Clark said...

This just goes to show that it honestly doesn't matter what kind of camera you use. It is all you. Every perfect image is all you. Sigh.

Kelly E. said...

LOVE IT! I downloaded it too. It's so fun. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Jendar said...

another reason why i should get an iphone.

Natalie said...

i love the picture of the warm bath tub pool

some of the sand and water pics remind me of this