Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Post

My brother Travis calls me yesterday morning and says to me, "what you don't take pictures anymore?"

This question bothered me because it's true, I don't.

I feel dry.

I sat on the ground near the window (after taking a picture of the drawing from the post below) to just sit for a minute and Max thinks it's time to play so he throws his body into my lap


there you go Travis, I took a photo!


naomi said...

I love your photos, keep them coming. Also Max is so cute and I can't believe how huge he is now. x

Brea Runyan Sorrells said...

You're amazing and everyone gets in those stumps. Just keep having fun and the pictures will follow :)

Hayley said...

I KNOW THE FEELING, MY DEAR... I just posted about this same thing a few days ago. You're so creative Jessica and you're also human... you're bound to get tired and burnt out. Give yourself some time to refresh.

Maybe we need to have that photography group meet soon? Maybe that would help!

Amy said...

I get the same way with things that I love to do. Right now I am in a dance slump.

nosugrstilswt08 said...

I intended this blog I have to be JUST for pictures but then it became about EVERYTHING else.. I know what you mean and I ALSO have a brother named Travis. Lol..