Monday, February 15, 2010

Boxes and boxes

This last weekend was the longest ever. My mom moved out of the house we have been in for that last 22 years. I knew it was going to be difficult for me to pack up 22 years of our families history and say goodbye to our childhood home, so I photographed a little bit in hopes it would preserve some of those memories. It was a trip going through boxes of lost treasures.

a favorite book and dress I wore
Bothers karate belts and scout shirt
some old dolls I made and forgot about. Ashley, I had made the white bunny for you, your initials are on the butt.
Jammas Ash made me in Jr High and a Ninja Turtle I got for breaking a bad childhood habbit
Shirt of me, old jammas and a poodle skirt mom made for me for a play in first grade
tiny jacket dad got me when i was a little kiddo

This is my baby blanket, I thought this was long gone but I found it. I guess I really needed it as a kid, It was my one true love, I couldn't do a thing without it.

And the drawings!

Old stuff
Grandma stitched pillow and a blanket that my mommas moms friend had made for her.


Ms. Aline said...

you have to keep some of ur childhood stuff and give to ur child someday =)

Amy said...

you need to keep all that stuff! So awesome! I hope you did! That is so cute those little stuff animals! Save them for your kids. :) Or give the bunny to ashley :) Love it!

Kat Clark said...

Wow I love all that stuff because I love all of the pictures so much. I'm sad you have to move. I remember feeling like a part of my past was leaving when my parents sold their house in Provo and I only lived there for 10 years. 22 years is basically your whole life and that's hard. It will be ok. You'll always have the memories. Just try not to drive by too much, it doesn't help. Ok I'll shut up now. :)

Ashley said...

Wow...all that stuff brings back so many memories. The pj's made me laugh!! How long ago did you make me that bunny??

Kory said...

Somehow I missed all these posts. The freddy Krueger picture is my favorite!