Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I need your help! link www.jessicapetersonphoto.com

So I did something really stupid, I let me website go for a few months and now google wont read it. If you search my name I am nowhere to be found and because my name the most common name on the planet I have disappeared.

If you would please link my site to your blog post or visit my site a few times within the next few days hopefully I can get back google search...

Thank you!



Amanda @ Ruffled said...

try Google Webmaster tools/forum they might be able to help you. You might have to submit your site again to Google.

Emily said...

grrr Google. I posted a link on facebook and will try to do a blog post with your pics of us in the next week or so with a link.
Also, you should add your website to this directory (supposedly it's good for google):
Good luck!

saraH said...

jess, I just went on it a couple of times and will continue. :) and a few days ago my friend asked me for your contact info. her name's alfreda? have u heard from her?

Amy said...

done and done.

PS you should add a cute picture of my baby that you took to your kido's section. I get a million and one compliments on those photos. Infact my friend charity just had twins and is looking into it because she LOVES your photos of axel. Will you email me your prices?