Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember When.

Today I have been feeling very bored, lackluster, monotonous, stiff, stuck, dry, dull, tedious... the list goes on.  Tonight I decided to start backing up images and organizing my hard drives, I found a folder of small jpegs titled "random jpegs"... they must be images I pulled for my blog or sized wrong and have been brushed aside for later cataloging... like for today.  It kind of hit me while looking through them that I have a lot to be grateful for and that I have had a lot of light, warmth and adventure in my short 26 years on this planet.  I pulled a few images over for my blog post of "Remember Whens", so I could have a small list of the more colorful, sweet times. 

Remember when my new niece fell asleep in my arms and I felt so blessed to have her in my life
Remember when Oliver and I picked out pumpkins for Halloween

Remember when little Jimmy makes me laugh more than any person on the planet,  I could stare at him for hours

Remember when we were obsessed with Guitar Hero 
Remember when I graduated and my friends came to support me
Remember these anyone?
Remember when Ryan agreed to swim with max while I took photos
Remember when I was able to take images of the most breathtaking moments of me life like this one
Remember when three of us were in the same city at once and it was New York and I love New York so much it hurts
Remember when I picked this guy up and he has been a turd

and then he grew up and he is still a turd

Remember when I ate a Navajo taco and I almost died but I didn't die so now I don't like Navajo tacos
Remember when I caught a fish, it was a small fish and we threw it back but I caught a fish
Remember when I was a showgirl in a movie, that is me in the middle

Remember when I was chased by a dinosaur 
Okay I feel better.


Sheila said...


cara. said...

this is really beautiful.

Bri said...

Remember when your hair was a million different colors I didn't know about? And they all looked good.

Ashley said...

Remember that i love you so much!!

Sarah said...

love this post, had me giggling. i want to do a remember when...coz lets face both our life's are pretty damn good!

remember when... you loved being back in utah, and you were delusional in thinking EVERY guy is hot stuff.

remember when...we were employed by rubbernut, and had reason to die laughing on shoots.

remember when...we went to chic fil need to take a tuesday off!

Tanner + his girls said...

i love this post and i love you!

Hillary said...

Awww - miss you! Today Oliver was talking about you and Christmas and sledding and how we need to do the same thing every year :)

saraH said...

wait you ate a taco and was hospitalized? what the? I'm SO glad you didn't die. :)

and what? you were a showgirl in a movie? what the? WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? I just realized we need to catch up and hang out more. :(

remember when we went skateboarding to Will's pit stop and Kat fell off her skateboard? haha. we should get the sensational 7 together and do another photoshoot. i miss us.

love u.