Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 4: Good Hope

Sorry for the lack of post, we haven't has internet for the past few days but I will catch up.
A few days back we visited Good Hope orphanage, once again we were greeted with the warmest of souls.  After visiting the children we discussed how happy the children were, I believe many of us have lost the art of simple pleasures and much is to be learned by these children.    

The living room was small but I admired how warm and friendly they have made it.
Below: the kitchen, so different from what we have back home.  
Later we went with the kids to the school grounds to see the school.
We had a blast playing with the kids on the merry-go-round.


Just hanging out inside the classroom

Once again simple pleasures. 


Later that evening I found this and drank it!

The group on our way to the Masai market


susan peterson said...

jessica! like everything else you do, this is beautiful. i hope you are feeling better. My prayers are with you. love mom.

Bri said...

These are my favorites so far. Just perfect!!

gregandvanessa said...

these pictures are priceless.

Brittany said...

just beautiful jess!

MOMS said...

Simply beautiful pictures, so many happy faces. Loved seeing the animals too. Hope you feel better soon. moms

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Jessica.

Amy said...

I love every one of these photos. The bright colors, the laughter! Beautiful children!

thaomeey said...

beautiful pictures :)
I'm follow it :))
sorry for my bad english ^^