Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2: Babies

Day two has been a long and beautiful one. 
Every inch of wall, fence brick is covered in beautiful painting.  The one below is just outside of our house.

Breakfast... Because I had been very curious about the food we would be eating, so far it has been amazing and very flavorful. (this shot reminds me of a Martin Parr shot, thank you very much).
No need to miss Max, there is a horse that walks around the same way a dog would.  I forgot his name but I am sure I will be taking more images of him.

After breakfast we walked to a nearby orphanage, these are some children we saw on the way, they were so sweet and excited to meet us.
The children.
So amazingly warm and friendly.

The girl in the middle is named Jessica, we have a special bond.

Later that evening we visited another orphanage, Cradle of Love, it houses babies from days old to three.  Once again nothing but the most beautiful sweet children.

Feeding time was insane, there are about 7 children to one staff member.

What an eye opening day.
I will provide more information soon if anyone is interested to help or donate.

Okay, I am beat and need to sleep.



Meikel said...

Amazing photos!

Cyrie said...

beautiful. i want to take them all home with me. i love the picture with the two boys with an arm around each other. best buds.

kara lynn said...

this is incredible!! this is something i very much want to do one day.

and i am SO happy you are able to get internet to post about what you are doing! be safe!


Kory said...

See how many of those kids you can fit in your suitcase! My favorite is the little feet under the table, and the one kid standing in his chair.

Kiera said...

My heart just melted into a puddle on my floor. What BEAUTIFUL children. I want to snuggle them all.

Amy said...

I am with kory, forget about the giraffe picture, can you please grab a couple of those kids for us please. It makes me want to adopt one so so bad. I LOVE the one of you holding a baby on your lap and one in your arms. I know you are just in heaven.

Brittany said...

gorgeous jess. what an amazing opportunity. :)

saraH said...

jess, wow I'm so proud of you. you're such a beautiful person! the picture of you holding the baby made me teary eyed. and those children... i wish so bad they all had parents to love them. way to fulfill your dream of going to africa for service! i wish i went with you!

Abby Rose said...

These are awesome!!

Hilary said...

These are so beautiful, what an amazing experience! What organization are you there with? I'm definitely interested!

Collins said...

amazing pictures. wow. those sweet sweet children are just adorable!