Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 3: Playground

I want nothing more to blog about today but it is so late and I need to get some sleep... I fear I might be coming down with something (please say prayers that if I get sick it won't be until I get home).

My favorite from today. 


Amy said...

That's a great shot, can't wait for more.

I am sending you healthy vibes and prayers!

Also, steer clear of those GIANT Mosquitos that fly into your bright red locks!

Anonymous said...

Hello my Daughter..... I am very happy to see all is going well ! And Yes, Daddy will $ help ! Love Daddy

MOMS said...

Jessica, love all your photos of the children, glad you decided to go and take lots of pictures. I'm Shannin's mom and I'm keeping you all in my prayers. Keep the pictures coming.

Mike Kemp said...

Jess, I had no idea you were going to Africa! I am way out of the loop! Amazing images. I can sense amazing spirits in those children from viewing your images. I know that sounds a bit cheezy, but your images really tell amazing stories! Fill me in on the story of your trip.