Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 5: Pete's Orphanage

We spent some time with Pete's kids. 
It was fun to see the games the girls who were volunteering there had taught them.

Is it okay to have a favorite kid?  Cause I fell in love with the boy below, for some reason he was fascinated with Stanley's soft head... hehe.

"Who Let The Dogs Out" was played over and over for the kids to dance and sing along with.


Elisabeth said...

Loved seeing pictures of Pete's kids!! Thank you for all the pictures. I have really been enjoying them!! You are being God's hands to all the kids you are meeting!
God bless,
Elisabeth Spinella

Lou said...

Oh Jessica, you are amazing.

Kory said...

I'm pretty sure that kid in the bottom pictures is my favorite.

Amy said...

So great jess, it looks like so much fun, and do you know how talented you are to capture such life and beauty so perfectly? honestly Jess, I have never cried tears of beauty before, but looking through all these has brought me so much happiness and strength does that make sense?

Sarah Hunter said...

IIIII read your blog every day... phhhhhew glad I got that off my chest.

thaomeey said...

Your pictures with the kids are so fantastic ;)
your blog is very cool :)