Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wild Beasts

I guess the story behind the wildebeest is that after God created all of the other animals he was left over with extra parts and then slapped them together to create the beastly creatures they are... The stripes of a zebra, the head of a grasshopper, I don't remember what else belonged to each part, regardless of what is believed I think they were beautiful.

Get ready for it....


Kory said...

A: Elephants scare me too
B: They totally look like grasshoppers!
C: I'm unbelievably jealous! I was certain when I was a kid I would end up living in a tiny village somewhere in Africa.

Sum said...

Your pictures are out of this world! LOVE them! Your trip looks/sounds amazing!

laSonya said...

yeah for ugly wildebeest!

Anonymous said...

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