Friday, October 8, 2010

Sarah Tyau is AMAZING

This is Sarah
This girl has a gift to turn old things into new
She recently made her mothers old skirt into something stunning and new,  I photographed her in the dress for a contest she will be entering.
Check out her DIY blog, I LOVE what she does.
She also demonstrates on the blog how she made the necklace she is wearing. 


Abby Rose said...

She is beautiful!

saraH said...

oh my, look at my awkward brace-face! Haha but you did an amazing job as always. Thanks jess, I love you!

Amy said...

Sarah you look soo beautiful! And Jess you are so talented. I agree Sarah is way super talented, we sure have talented friends!

Kiera said...

Your photos are GORGEOUS.
That dress in SPECTACULAR.

Sarah Hunter said...

Instant fan- and paradoxically jealous and therefore have to hate her all at once- feeling so many things.... but seriously inspired idea- good job.... :)

Sarah Hunter said...

Hey- I want to show case the work of some of the most talented people I know- so that of course includes you- if you are interested I would love to use my blog to help spread the word about your talent. email me if you like.