Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Favorite Ryan

This is Ryan. 
He came to New York to play. 
I like him, he is an INFP.

While he was here we:

 dressed up like birth control to protect ourselves from the rain while visiting lady liberty.
ate tacos and played with friends
enjoyed the best parts of Harlem
and found twins on the side of a building. 
Ryan, you are great.


Collins said... the last picture...that's awesome! if ryan looks like that under a shirt he's good to go!

Amy said...

hahaha so funny! That is so awesome he got to go up there! I wish I could too!

jendar said...

these pictures are great!

Ms. White said...

these are all super. what a great weekend! i can't wait for us to meet his twin next. xo

Carolee Beckham said...

BTW- i meant to tell you that i LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture in this post. it's so perfect in every way :)

you, my friend, are amazing