Sunday, July 17, 2011

PS1 MoMa

I went to the PS1 MoMa in Queens last week.  
I enjoyed it fully.  Some pretty good art but I was more in love with the space than anything. 

Watching Francis Alys' film, watched it twice. 
partners in crime E and A
Met a new friend in the hallway, it was his birthday... too bad he was so young. 

Fun Fact: E went to the same college as I did but a few years later and we met at our summer program at SVA.  Glad we met. 
Thank you random stranger for being apart of my favorite moment of the  day... 


Abby Rose said...

Jess, these are a-mazing. Stunning. Some of my favorites.

Kiera said...

You find the most amazing places to shoot!!!