Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Bridal shoot

I have been wanting to do a shoot with 
She is amazingly talented, every time I see her work I am awestruck.  Sarah's flowers arrangements 
are so full of life and always natural and unique... Needless to say I love her work.
Sarah wanted to do a shoot that incorporated a garland for a horse. 
Thank you so much to Jefra Starr Linn for her time and connections to this beautiful horse.
Also Thanks to Anne Adams and Moose for modeling for us in the cold Utah mountains.


naomi said...

stop being so talented! JK, keep it up, man

Exteena said...

I know I told you in person but these are just so stunning. You have a wonderful gift Jessica

i'm jefra... said...

these turned out truly amazing!! i felt so lucky to be there!

reub-envision said...

it all looks very gorgeous !

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