Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organizing Jars

Because of the great lack of drawer space in the studio I decided to use shelves with labeled jars as storage containers.  I know most of these are cheesy but I figured I will be more likely to put things back in there place if I enjoy going back to it. 
I couldn't think of anything for the jar of chalk, if you have any ideas I would appreciate it!


Amy said...

I like them! Cheezy or not, you make them look great! I have tiny babyfood jars you could use....That is what I use for my sewing things. I painted some with chalkboard paint too, and they turned out great.

Kory said...

Chalks away? Chalksy lady? Chalk dirty to me?...Maybe I'm not very helpful.

marigold said...

Chalk it up? Board meeting?

sally. said...

I love everything about this! i love organizing!
i hope its ok i rebloged them here if you would prefer i took them down just let me know :)
i really like your blog too!