Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Chair, Michelle and a Mask

Yesterday I decided that today would be dedicated to doing what I wanted to do and what I love.  LOVE...
Love keeps coming to my mind when I think of today.  I woke up and went on a search for my stool (I am laughing right now at the double meaning of that statement... but you know the one I mean), I have been dreaming of a nice, simple chair and today I was going to get it!  It took a few different shops to find it but when I did I knew we belonged together, it was love.  I had asked a bride of mine if she wouldn't mind sitting for me, she was sweet enough to come spend time with me and allow me to position her around my studio like the lovely doll she is, it was magic.
As you will see I also purchased some animal masks and wanted to bring them to life. 
I am not sure why I am so attracted to creepy animal masks, I love the way they tear reality from itself and offer a bit of narrative.
I fell in love with my space again today.  I fell in love with light again.  I fell in love with solitude.  I fell in love with calm and quiet. 


jendar said...


Sheila said...

They are simply lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the creepy masks are inexplicable but beautiful in their own way. Maybe too many Alien movies. Love

Claire Andra White said...

! you are such a great example of doing what you love and loving what you do. I don't think such good results can come from people who do otherwise.

more please

p.s. your lighting is to die for...I've gotta pay you and your studio a visit