Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few months ago we shot a fawn for work, I guess I should say "photographed" a fawn.
I posted about it then but I felt I needed to do it again. I absolutely love animals. I feel closer to God at the mere sight of one (sorry Katherine for mentioning God in my blog) but I really do. It was amazing to be so close to such a wild animal as if it were a mere domesticated dog, she even liked having her ears rubbed. My boyfriend Chris has stated multiple times that he thinks my "obsession" or love for animals is weird, he says there is no reciprocity in caring for something that will never develop into something useful to society. But countless times I have felt immensely blessed from the connection to an animal. I remember a time when I was a little girl and was feeling lonely, I sat in my room with my cat Screamer and told him he always there for me... (I hate to say once I grew into a teenager I stopped paying attention to him until the day he died... dirty, alone and half blind). I don't know why I am writing about this, I feel like the crazy cat lady.
Well, all I am saying is that the fawn shoot was fun and I like animals a lil' bit.


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

I've wanted to leave a comment for a while now and seeing that it's 3:22 in the morning and I am walking the line of delirious/asleep I hope that I make sense! Probably not the best time to leave a virgin comment on your blog, but oh well...

I don't know if you know who I am. I went to Timpview. I believe I graduated a year before you? Anyway, we have multiple mutual friends and I found your blog several months back and have been entertained by it since.

Not sure why the big intro to something so simple, but I wanted to tell you that you are a really GREAT photographer. Your work is something I hope to achieve. I love how real it is. Kind of like you're a fly on the wall. You seem to capture genuine moments from your models. Everything feels very natural. And I know from experience that that isn't easy to achieve.

It sounds like (from your last couple posts) that a person or people are making you either doubt your abilities or are making it hard for you to see how truly talented you are. And so that's where this was the perfect opportunity for me to step in in all of my messy-haired/bath-robed glory to tell you they're wrong. You are really good Jessica. And your writing is just as wonderful. It's stripped down and real and I admire that.

I'm going to bed now.


Kory said...

I don't think love for animals is weird. I think it can be returned, and in the very least there's a lot to learn from mutual respect of other living things. But I think people think I'm weird for the same reason. At least we're the same right?

Kat Clark said...

It is not that I don't like the mention of God! I just don't like the "I am grateful to be a mother because it is the most wonderful, perfect, non-messy, glamorous, Christ-like thing I can do" posts. I am glad you love animals that much and I totally see how you could feel that way! You make me sound unholy or something!!!!