Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I just want to say that the Lewis' are some of my favorite people. They have always treated me like I am an appendage part of their family and I am grateful to them.
Chloe is just too perfect not to document and Charee was kind enough to let me photograph her. I was excited when I found out that the red feeding chair (is that what it is called?) is the chair her grandmother used... I love little bits of history mixed in with today's world.


Sarah said...


Kimmy said...

You never EVER cease to amaze me. You will be one of my greatest inspirations all my life! For realz! ;)

Love YOU!


Debbie said...

thankyou again for the sweet little vases & darling tote bag you surprised me & my girls with. we love everything you touch! but a special thankyou for the tribute you gave our fam. we really do feel that way about you ~you know! my girls love you like another sister. thankyou also soooo much for ALL the beautiful pictures! somehow~ you have a gift for capturing the simplest moments, no matter how small~ & setting the beauty of that moment free to be shared! I love your work! good luck with it! may it prosper you along into this new year! lovies! debrah lew

LeeRae said...

What a cutie!!!!!