Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I woke up.
Shot a family for some moneys.
Ate a J dog.
Bought some paint for a new project.
Pulled out my camera and shot for myself

It is nice to just shoot... no worries about the commercial value of the image or that someone else would need to approve of it to give it a place in this world. I just wanted enjoyed myself so I shot what jumped out at me.
I live in an adorable little house with gorgeous big windows, the light that enters my home is always warm and welcoming. I wanted to keep it for myself.

I also started developing the new project, I don't know that I will post anything from it for a while but I really hope it can grow into something and not stay locked inside me.


Anonymous said...

the sweet potato on left looks like Moon. The bananas I don't know. but def the two on the right are cuddling. lovers.


Anonymous said...

i love you

Sarah said...

Just looked at jcrew's blackboards....they are NOTHING compared to your's you rock!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

love the way you put your thoughts into words.
your blog is a bonus blog. great photos, great writing.