Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday was today

Miss Kelly and I went to the Griffith Observatory this afternoon.  I was shocked and disappointed in myself for not exploring the park a million times while I lived in LA.  I thought for a long time about how silly I am for always trapping myself in bubbles.  I guess I figure when I am living somewhere that there will always be tomorrow to see what there is to see.  I love Kelly for promoting adventures.  She is always up for exploring, museum slumming, shows, walks and most importantly seeking out the best food around with me.  Thanks Kelly. 

I have grown fond of photographing peoples homes lately.  This is Kelly and Marc's place in Atwater Village.  Blue kitchen with pink tile countertops and a drying rack.  

 The wall of photos and the green couches we all know so well. 

I like finding the little charming bits of people and their spaces.


Gheybin said...

Speaking of photographing homes, have you ever seen the Selby website?

Kelly E. said...

Can you add me to your Loved Ones http://keubanksphoto.blogspot.com/