Monday, June 8, 2009

photos. fotos. phodos.

Lazy summer afternoon.

Oliver watching tv while sitting inside the laundry basket.

I just told my brother that he was lucky I am around so much so I could document his kids... he says to me, "whatever, I could do that myself, all I need to do is point and click then brighten them in photoshop."

I am now boycotting taking photos of the kids until he can prove to me he can take photos as good as mine or apologizes to me for making such a lame comment...

Therefore these are the last of the Oliver/Abby images we will be seeing for a while.


Crowdeflatr said...

whatever! you will do it anyway, you love them too much and you love taking photos too much.

Mrs. Mikey said...

I stumbled across your blog through Atwater Village Newbie and got sucked in because every picture was more gorgeous than the next.

Your brother is SUPER lucky you take such gorgeous shots and I am SUPER jealous that mine look so JV next to yours :)

Salime said...
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Salime said...


do not tell your dad about that comment. how much did he spend in your education when all he had to do was spend a couple of hundred bucks on photoshop? come and document lil' jimmy. we know photoshop can't do what you do and we miss you.