Sunday, July 18, 2010

I love New York.

I just got back from a weekend trip to New Yorkfor a shoot, I can't post the pictures just yet but I can post pictures of Abby.  In the short few hours were shooting we covered a salt grain size portion of the city and there were endless opportunities in that small space.  I feel so complete when I am doing what I love... Hooray for the sweet times. 

I truly adore New York, I feel homesick for it right now.

I really like these images. Quiet and classy.


Abby Rose said...

Jess, New York is home sick for you too. It was so great to see you!! And thank you sosososo much for the shoot. You are so amazing and talented.

kylee said...

these pictures are fantastic. love every single one of them. & i'm dying to visit new york someday.

Kiera said...

The pic with her hand??? LOVE! New York is amazing. At least you were just there. Its been years almost a decade since my last trip. I miss it.

Running with Curlers said...

aw Abby is lovely. your shots are lovely. where is this??? I am in love with New York too.

Jendar said...

are the first few pictures at the cloisters? where did you take the rest?