Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th Claire and I flew to California.  We stayed at my brothers the first night and we were able to hang out with my niece and nephew.  Seriously, I don't know that anyone has ever made me feel so loved as my nieces and nephews, I woke up to them jumping on my bed chanting my name and Abby. 

The kids airplane

Oliver and Claire obsessing over nintendo

Nick takes picture too

Abby's house

PS I have a new niece, she is now 6 days old.  I can't wait to meet her.


ashley said...

I love these photos. You find the best angles. I like the ones where you can see the crayon on the box and the "keep refrigerated."

Jason Timpson said...

Claire looks like she hypnotized.

Kat Clark said...

Do you see how good you are? Seriously, have you gotten to that place? It took me about 8 years to finally feel skinny again and I can actually look in the mirror and see that I am skinny. So, can you really see it? It's a good place to get to. I hope you are there. Hugs.

Kat Clark said...

That was weird. But it was honest. Just roll with it.

Sum said...

Adorable pictures!