Friday, January 28, 2011

642 Things to Draw

I received the book 642 Things to Draw as a gift last week, I thought it was so neat, it is a perfect downtime book to have around.  It is so simple yet so brilliant, each page is sectioned off and gives a suggestion to draw.  I am so excited to carry this thing around and fill it up, it's the perfect church/DMV/toilet/sunny day at the park/airplane/road trip book.  
Thanks Brittany for the amazing gift, you know me so well! 
PS Brittany has a fantastic blog, check it out!


Emily Dickson said...

Love it -- I totally want to try this out!

Widge said...

looks cute!
so with ya on the reading in the toilet thing

Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook said...

you're very welcome! i'm so glad you love it! i can't wait to see all your drawings!

p.s. thanks for the shout out! you're the best! :)

Mike Loveland said...

I have that book, it's great, and perfect for you too.

Rachael said...

i'll have to get this! maybe i'll add it to my birthday wish list. :)