Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meeting Elmo

A few months ago I went with my brother and his family to "visit" Elmo.  We thought the kids would be elated to meet such a celebrity, boy were we wrong.  When we stepped into the room Oliver and Abby scurried to the corner of the room screeching in fear trying to get as far away from the giant red monster as humanly possible.  Elmo terrified Abby so deeply that she spent rest of the day looking over her shoulder to make sure Elmo wasn't following behind.  I love these shots, the kids huddled in the corner while Elmo looks strangely concerned.


naomi said...

Love Love Love this. Also the arby's photo

Carolee Beckham said...

oh my.. i love this elmo moment :)

Anonymous said...

Like father like son,
believe it or not, N was terrified of the muppets.

LeRae said...

hahaha This gave me a biggest laugh~ love it!