Friday, December 30, 2011

New Studio!

I finally did it!
A dream come true, I got a studio space and I am in heaven.
The Studio is in downtown Salt Lake City and I am more than happy to share the joy if anyone is interested to renting this space from me for shoots.
I will post more information on that in a bit.

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your New Years... 
I hope you all get lot's of kisses and are able to be with friends and family.


Thanks Lou for spending the afternoon with me exploring the natural light in the space.


Anna said...

Beautiful light! Where in Salt Lake?

Matt Clayton said...

Awesome! Congrats, Jessica!

Claire Andra White said...

yay! so happy for you! can't wait for all the goodness thats to come from your new space!

Nensi said...

very beautiful!

Kory said...

I'm way excited for you! Congratulations! That dude you hang out with seems pretty cool. What does he play?

Ash said...

Congratulations! Have loved your blog for ages.