Friday, December 16, 2011

Outside My Front Door

This afternoon I stepped outside of my car and saw the sprigs of wheat glowing against the gray 
of the day... I have never noticed them before and I loved the way they spoke to me to I grabbed my camera.  After I photographed them I turned around and saw all these crippled, dry plants that quietly hugged my house.  I have never looked at them with the intent of finding beauty, they always seemed so normal and invisible.  I popped around to each plant, finding certain angles that gave them a different life.  I really enjoyed these few minutes, I felt a much needed grounding to the earth.

I LOVE the flesh color of the images above, they it's so nice to have these colors hanging on.
 The images below remind me of the bowing and twisting of what I assume my veins look like inside my arms and legs. 


Leilani Bascom said...

Yes. I love them all. Gorgeous lines and tones and negative space. Thanks for noticing and sharing.

Sarah said...

i love these jess.

charlotte said...

so beautiful, jess. and i totally love your christmas tree ornaments. merry christmas! xo